What is obvious

Close your third eye

For all my life I have been a student. In my earliest days I learnt to breath, to eat, to walk. In more recent times I have been a keen student of a number of fields within what I would broadly label as anthropology, which I have taken to with no less enthusiasm and curiosity as I did in those early years.

Being raised in a family of intellectuals with a long history of association with both the Church and the occult, I have been well versed in the seemingly paradoxical nature of humanity from an early age. Through my studies into the seemingly varied fields of comparative religion, mythology, linguistics, archaeology, the occult, geophysics, conflict and war, archaeology a clear and present reality has become apparent to me. At best, the current narrative regarding the origins of man and our civilisation is naivete. At worst, it is the greatest fraud committed against humanity “in history”.

There are simply too much data to support the argument that what have been taught as the origins of man is factually inaccurate. Each individual field of study has its own outliers, anomalous data points that simply do not fit the narrative we hold true. There are a number of key doctrines that govern the development of our civilisation and my belief is that the advancement of scientific knowledge rarely involves interdisciplinary cooperation and coordination, unless for the increased power of some element of the nation state or the increased profit of the capitalistic enterprise. The improvement in the education of mankind as a whole as to the truth of our reality certainly does not fall into either of these categories. In fact, it is most likely that this would be antithetical to these motives for interdisciplinary collaboration on a number of key topics that would enlighten the populace as to the true origins of man, and the nature of our leadership over this time.

Consequently, I believe, unfortunately, that there is a long-running and systematic conspiracy to hold us orphans, so we may be told who and what we are, making us far easier to control. I believe this conspiracy has been running, at least, since the dawn of post-ice age civilisation. Why and to what end? To me that is the mystery.



thickens. because the plot always does.

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