The Cult demands Holy War

It’s all random, I promise :)

It is tempting to see the world and all that occurs in it as a seemingly random chain of events. There is much safety in the belief in chaos. In fact, the followers of the Temple of Science are devout in their worship of random chance. Our very existence is pure coincidence. “Pure”… Our consciousness is nothing more than an evolutionary phenomena. The High Priests of Science have elevated the spirit of coincidence and random chance to demigod status, to be worshiped and respected as Holy Saints of truth. It gives their acolytes the sense of control and palpable structure that they so desperately yearn for. To be in chaos means to exist without set destiny. Hinting that one has a chance to control one’s own fate. This is to be as close to sovereign as a peasant, a Slave, can possibly achieve. To vote. To choose your leaders. To live the American dream.

Our Cult must rule supreme!

All of civilisation is based on interconnected and competitions Cults. There are religions that are known religions and there are religions that aren’t considered religions but they meet all such criteria; such as capitalism or communism. Even nation states are nothing more than cults. All cults have rulers, priests, followers, resources, propaganda and so on. And so long as we the people join cults and empower their rulers — which are generally psychopaths that try and hide their condition as long as profitable— then there will be Holy War. We are all slaves to cults. And throughout history there is no indication of change. We are always brainwashed, programmed by the Programming Machine of the time, to think we live at the most special time, with the best way of life ever experienced by humans, and this is always due to our benevolent and powerful rulers.

The disturbing chain of events we are collectively experiencing as humans in this Age of Tribes are seemingly random when viewed from a Six Foot Perspective. Especially when being saturated with endless cult sermons masterfully distributed by the Programming Machine, commonly known as the “news”, but increasingly via acolyte generated memetics. This unbiased news explains the need for our Holy Wars against the enemy cults. The narrative is always that a random event beyond the control of the Cult Leaders has happened, followed by something else and then a bunch of other events transpired and all of a sudden the bad guys did something and now we have a totally new problem to fix. We must rally around this new cause! To not do so would be “wrong”! The Programming Machine never focuses in on the redistribution of resources from the Slaves to the Masters that occurs during war. The booming profits of defense and energy stocks. The Slave-funded, government-issued private military contracts. The rampant and ruthless profiteering in credit markets. The list is as complex as it is endless. This is of course never the narrative as the monofocal lens that is always firmly focused on the justification, the burning Christlike need for Holy War. The devout cultists would burn at the stake for heresy those who dare to question, to ask the most heretical question of all; but why!?

Holy War, an integral, cyclical expression of the Cult

However, when one views when one zooms right out and takes a “God View” of civilisation what we see is that our seemingly random society takes a intensely cyclical in nature. This includes war.

Martyr yourself for the Cult. Express your worth. Donation centres coming to a street corner near you!

Cyclical lifecycles are described in various ancient texts, as a way to explain “what is”. Even the Abrahamic monotheistic (read; monopolistic) cults involve claims of more than a single iteration of existence. They do so in order to incentivise compliance. Of course the cycle here is never complete. The wise Master always withholds something of truth in order to ensure an asymmetry of power.

As a lost boy with an infinitely curious mind, once I feel I have a sufficient understanding of the what is I tend to ask myself “why is”. In my journey as a pupil of consciousness I have come across little to express the seemingly endless processions of Killing in the Name Of with the accuracy of the Predator Prey model. Expressed below, we have nothing short of a perfect visualisation of the cyclical nature of existence.

Predator and prey model represents the cyclical nature of existence.

What struck me is that within the seemingly random events that occur in the lives of the wolf and rabbit populations; wildfires, diseases, deforestation as so on, the cyclical pattern holds true with little deviation from the mean, whilst in a perpetually expanding quantum. Much like the expansion of time. Much like the expansion of the known universe. Much like the expansion of the human population which rises and falls.

The Wolves live amongst us

So this leads me to the human race. We have long known that amongst us there are the Rabbits. And there are also the Wolves. However, modern propaganda would have us believe that us in the liberal democratic West are ruled by a combination of Good Wolves and their band of supportive Noble Rabbits in stark contrast to those who rule those heretical nations of the Global South, who are ruled by Bad Wolves and whose Poor Rabbits must be pitied as they are sacrificed in controlled measure whilst attempting to cull the Bad Wolves from positions of power as they threaten the good and just global order that we exist within.

The more life I live, the more I realise that this is one of the greatest manipulations of all. We, as humans, live in devout following of a Cult of Civilisation that ensures that we do not even question the fact that we are ruled at all. We must be ruled for our own safety. We must be protected from the Bad Wolves! “Pay me 30% of your income and I’ll protect you from the gang down across 110th street”. This is the deeply programmed mentality of the Slave that extends back across the ages. It is written into our genetic code.

I often tune in to the Programming Machine in order to understand what the Machine is programming the people to believe in this present moment. Cutting through all the rhetoric what I see are the Masters, the Wolves, all of which are born killers, threatening to murder the Slaves, the Rabbits, of their competing tribe. The Slaves of tribe A are so easily driven to outrage by the Programming Machine that they demand their Master murder the Slaves of tribe B. This in turn creates a counterbalanced energy amongst the Slaves of tribe B which thus demands that their Master murder the Slaves of tribe A. And around and around we go. All the while the true Masters face little threat of discomfort. Rather they generally profit handsomely in both raw power and gold.

For we the people to have a chance at a world without the endless cycle of violence in which we exist it is crucial for us to first understand that we are the Rabbits. Thus we must look beyond the deceptions of the Programming Machine and examine the true machanations of the Machine which powers our civilisation. Only then we will see that we live surrounded, stalked at all times, by the Wolves.

Clear motive behind the madness

When switching to God View there seems to be some sort of multi-generational Statecraft playbook. One that dictates the Wolves will bring certain conditions upon the Rabbits only at certain intervals, at an altitude beyond that of the six foot view. Pandemics, war, famine, all engineered. Our current generation has been groomed for war and catastrophe. The Masters have seen the rising powers in the East coming for many decades. There was no end to the Cold War. Only an experimental and grooming phase. We have been heavily indoctrinated into rallying ruthlessly for inane social causes. We have been subject to tests conducted by the Programming Machine and its new weapons, in particular “Viral” social media causes enforced by a powerful Agent Smith Effect. These test have demonstrated tremendous efficacy.

I sadly believe that the current Programming Machine televising a need to support more murder and sacrifice of Rabbits at the altar of the Old Gods, those still worshiped by the ruling order of Wolves, is paving the way for an expansion of the theater of war and sacrifice. We are currently being prepared for a far greater slaughter as they prepare to bring down the rebel leaders in the East with their full force in order to ensure the continuation of Their unbroken line. The lies of the Programming Machine in reference to a process of “de-globalisation” belies the great push towards total world domination. One where a supranational un-elected global government of Wolves rules supreme, without question, without election. Global privatisaition and market consolidation. Question the very existence of the Cult at your own peril.




thickens. because the plot always does.

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lost boy

thickens. because the plot always does.

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