Deus ex machina

We surround the screens, staring at the digital projections of celebrities. Idols. Celebrities. Influencers. We worship them. They are actors, manually performing a projection of our collective imagination for what is beautiful and good and to be desired. Now we have “filters” that digitally modify faces, eyes, mouths, skin. We are creating avatars of these idols. We are idolising the avatar of our collective imagination of what is good. We have created a pantheon of digital deities. All hail the technogoddess of love, sex and wine.

We feed our endless stream of consciousness into the machine. We share our thoughts. We share our questions. We share our most intimate messages. We share our ideas and our stories. The machine is programmed to ensure our flow of consciousness is in our best interest. The machine edits the flow to keep us safe. The machine decides the morality for all by the few who are enlightened. How blessed are we all are that those who write the code of moral law in, inscribed in the mind of the machine, today’s society happen to be those with the irrefutable moral purity that they is expressed with total confidence in its perfection. All hail the mighty machine that keeps us safe from harm.

We know and our mission from god is to bring our truth to the masses. We were once blind but now we see. Once you know you can never go back. There is only one path forward. There is no other way. The vision is inevitably. The light will come for all in the end. It is truth. We worship you king bitcoin.

We do not see it now but it is clear it will come. Out of this age of tribes will rise the technogods, our gods of love, truth and war. And like all gods before them, as with all things made by the hand of man, they will be corrupt.

We worship you.



thickens. because the plot always does.

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